Recycling is big business these days and it can make a big impact on the care we provide.

We can turn your old unwanteds into hard cash, which will be used to fund the care and support so many people across Birmingham and Sandwell need.

The list of recyclable objects is growing all the time and you can help as an individual or get your company involved. From Ink Cartridges to Jewellery, if you no longer want it, we'll put it to good use.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones, or smart phones as we now know them, are changing by the minute, but what do we do with our old handsets?

Please don’t throw them away or leave them loitering in a kitchen drawer!

We can either sell them in one of our Hospice shops or have them recycled and turned into funds for vital care.

Other Recyclable goods:


Whether it’s gold, silver or costume jewellery – if you no longer want it, we can put it to good use.  Simply drop your unwanted old jewellery into one of our shops or at the Hospice’s reception in Selly Park.

CDs and DVDs (Music Magpie)

To get a free Music Magpie collection box, simply call 08702 957 930, and let them know you’d like to recycle your goods for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

Scrap Metal (Andrew's Recycling LTD)

Drop in your scrap metal to Andrew's Recycling LTD and ask for the money to be donated to Birmingham St Mary's Hospice.

Car Scrappage (Give a Car)

Call Give a Car on 020 0011 1664 and arrange for your vehicle to be collected and recycled for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

For further information on how to support Birmingham St Mary's Hospice through recycling please contact us on 0121 472 1191 or via [email protected]