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Breathlessness Management Programmes

We offer support at both our Selly Park and Erdington sites for people who are affected by fatigue, anxiety and breathlessness as a result of their illness.

FAB Clinic

We hold two symptom management programmes, Space to Breathe at our Selly Park site and FAB (Fatigue, Anxiety and Breathlessness) at our Erdington site.

Each programme is held in the respective site’s Living Well Centre.

Patients are encouraged to make their own way to the session. Limited transport is available for those who are unable to arrange their own, but please note this could delay your start date while we organise transport for you.

Space to Breathe – Selly Park

Space to Breathe is for people affected by breathlessness, regardless of their particular condition or diagnosis.

It consists of a five-week course where you learn to have improved coping mechanisms and mastery of breathlessness.

The key components of Space to Breathe focus on:

  • Techniques to help you manage your breathing
  • Addressing thoughts that may add to your anxiety and breathing, and ways to change your patterns of thinking that will help
  • Exercises and relaxation to help you with day-to-day life.

To find out more about Space to Breathe please call our Selly Park switchboard on 0121 472 1191 and ask to speak to a member of the Therapy Team who will be happy to help.

Referrals to Space to Breathe must be completed by a healthcare professional which can be done using the button at the top of this webpage that says ‘Make a referral’; please specify on this form that the referral is for the Space to Breathe programme.

You cannot self-refer for this programme.

FAB Programme – Erdington

The Living Well Centre at our Erdington site hosts a Fatigue, Anxiety and Breathlessness (FAB) Programme.

The course consists of nine two-hour sessions and is designed to help people with severe respiratory conditions take back control of their breathing, improve confidence, maintain independence and manage anxiety.

The programme – led by a Multi-Disciplinary Team including an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist – includes education, advice and self-management techniques. In a small, relaxed and social group with other people with similar experiences, you will learn why these symptoms occur and how to keep them in check with techniques that work.

If you are interested in attending our social and friendly sessions please call our Erdington switchboard on 0121 465 2000 and ask to speak to a member of the Therapies Team who will be more than happy to help.

Referrals for the FAB Programme held at our Erdington site must be completed by a healthcare professional using the form linked below.

You cannot self-refer for this programme.


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