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Our Inpatient Units

The Inpatient Units (IPUs) at Selly Park and Erdington are available when you need intensive symptom management, emotional or social crisis support, or care for the last days of life.

Angela Riches, a patient staying in our Inpatient Unit

Welcoming you

From the moment you arrive you will be welcomed by our friendly teams. At the hospice, our staffing levels are much higher than in a hospital so we can help you to be understood, safe and comfortable.

Our Selly Park IPU is made up of single rooms with a communal garden and lounge areas. We also have the Harry Moseley Family Centre, which has a kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room for patients who have a family member or friend who would like to stay with them.

At Erdington, we have single and multi-occupancy rooms, as well as a Young Person’s Room.

We also have Spiritual Care Rooms at both locations for quiet reflection by patients and visitors.


Caring for you at the hospice

We do not offer long-term care; the average stay for most patients is two weeks. Many patients return home, some choose ongoing care in a nursing or residential home, and others spend their last days being cared for at our Inpatient Units.

The team of nurses, doctors, therapists and others will spend time with you and your family, talking, listening and helping with what matters most to you. The team has expertise in managing symptoms like pain, breathlessness, anxiety, nausea and vomiting.

Inpatients have access to our other services including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and our Patient and Family Support Workers. Our Wellbeing Team is on hand to give spiritual and emotional support, and can provide counselling for you and your family. You will have the opportunity to talk to a hospice team member about financial concerns, emotional support, preparing for bereavement, spiritual support, help with grants or benefits, and much more. We also have access to Complementary Therapy, which includes aromatherapy, reiki and guided meditation.

During your time in the ward, all your meals and drinks will be provided and we will do our utmost to meet any special dietary needs you may have, whether health or culture-related. We will ask you about this when you arrive.

Our facilities

There are a number of facilities available for patients during their stay, including internet access and gardens that are accessible in a wheelchair or bed.

There is a TV at each bedspace which you don’t need to pay anything extra for.

We can also provide a radio/CD player if you would like, and we would encourage you to bring personal items in from home that are important to you or things you like to do to pass the time.


We ask that any visitors are considerate of the needs of other patients, especially if you are in a shared area. We have limited overnight accommodation for visitors wishing to stay that is allocated on a day-by-day basis according to need. You are welcome to use some of the shared spaces (for example, the garden and conservatory) to spend time with your visitors.

Please note that we have zero tolerance towards violence and aggression.

Your pet may visit at the discretion of the nurse in charge. Please discuss this with them.

Please click here to view our most up-to-date visiting guidance.

Frequently asked questions

We know you may have a lot of questions ahead of your stay at Birmingham Hospice. If you need any further advice or have more questions for our team please call us on 0121 269 5000.

Our Selly Park site is located at:
176 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7DA.

It is about a 15-minute walk from Selly Oak railway station and we’re on the 76 bus route.

You can contact our Selly Park IPU Ward on 0121 472 1191.

Our Erdington site is located at:
76 Grange Road, Erdington, B24 0DF.

It is about a 20-minute walk from Erdington and Chester Road railway stations. We’re on the 168 and 28 bus routes and very close to the 966 bus route.

You can contact our Erdington IPU Ward on 0121 465 2000.

There are a small number of parking spaces on-site for families plus on-street parking nearby; we ask you to please be conscious of our neighbours.

For more information on how to contact us or get to either of our sites click here.

Please bring in all medicines that you have been taking so that we can prescribe and supply the correct medicines for you. We will recommend how medicines can help with your symptoms and monitor you closely to ensure your treatment is right for you.

A dedicated pharmacist and technician spend time at the hospice dealing with supplies of medication, information and monitoring, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from prescribed medication. Please speak to one of them if you wish to self-medicate.

When a patient is discharged, we will provide you with one week’s worth of medicines, and your GP will be sent a discharge letter so they can adjust your medications accordingly.

You will need to bring your night clothes, slippers and usual toiletries, as well as any day clothes you may want to wear. You will have a locker for your belongings, but please be aware that space is limited.

We ask that your family or friends arrange to do your laundry, but please let a member of staff know if this is problematic for you.

We ask you not to bring valuables or large amounts of money. We have a system of logging any items you bring with you and a small amount of space in a safe if you must bring cash in.

If you want to keep cash or valuables with you, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer form.

You are welcome to bring in personal electrical equipment – for example, a hairdryer or shaver. We request that you allow our Maintenance Team to carry out a quick PAT (Portable Appliance Test) as part of our fire safety procedures.

You are welcome to bring in some pictures and photos from home. You may also bring and use your own mobile phone. We do ask you to be considerate of the needs of other patients and visitors.

There is Wi-Fi access for patients and visitors. Please ask a member of staff for the password.

There is a designated smoking shelter in the hospice garden (for patients’ use only). No other smoking or vaping is permitted on the premises.

In the spirit of enjoying the best quality of life, you may like to drink alcohol. We understand that it can be part of celebrating special times with family and friends and can add to the enjoyment of meals. We recommend that you discuss with your doctor or nurse safe alcohol use alongside your medicines. While we do allow people to drink alcohol, we will ask intoxicated visitors to leave.

We cannot tolerate the use of illegal drugs at the hospice and to ensure we are able to help treat you safely, it is important that you do not take any additional medication or substances without informing the team looking after you. We reserve the right to search your property if we suspect that there is a risk to your safety, or that of others.

We are a teaching hospice, providing education to other healthcare professionals about compassionate high-quality palliative care. As part of this, we have professionals training with us including Nursing Allied Health Professionals and medical students. You will always be asked permission for them to be involved with your care.

I'm so grateful for everything the hospice has done for me."
Ian Murchington – IPU patient
Katie Roberts, Ward Manager, and Carla McCann, Medicines Management Technician, in our Dispensary

All our services are free of charge. Your donation makes a difference.


Could buy a teddy bear with a recording of a loved one’s voice for a bereaved child to treasure as a keepsake.


Could pay for a bereavement support session to help a family member cope with the loss of a loved one.


Could pay for a community nurse to visit someone at home, helping them manage their symptoms and coordinating their care.


Could cover the cost of a home visit from an Occupational Therapist to help people to be as independent as possible.