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Our research

Birmingham Hospice is committed to continually improving the care and support we provide for everyone. Our research is a vital part of this.

Collaborative research

We work collaboratively with researchers at universities and in other healthcare settings, and are actively involved in recruiting patients, carers, colleagues and volunteers for a number of research projects.

Birmingham Hospice is also keen to support other professionals with their own research. If you would be interested in using Birmingham Hospice as sites for data collection, contact

A member of the team will get in touch with you to ask you for information about your study. Usually, this involves a short application form and your protocol. Applications and research proposals are then considered by our research steering group. You should apply early as the research approval process can take up to three months. 

Latest research

Trial summary:

The aim of the CHELsea II trial is to assess whether giving patients in the last days of life fluids via a drip (clinically assisted hydration/CAH) is effective at preventing them from developing delirium (terminal agitation).

This research is ongoing.

A collaborative project led by our Clinical Educator and Research Nurse. Running monthly across our hospice sites this is a novel, inclusive and informal approach to a journal club.

CAKE Club is an open forum to exchange knowledge and research which reflects the varied platforms we now use to access information. The varied programme includes reviewing and critiquing journal articles, drop-in education sessions, discussing current research and guest speakers on a range of topics requested by our hospice colleagues.

Each session concludes with a media roundup of podcasts, websites and other resources highlighted by the hosts or staff, along with some homemade cake!

CAKE Club is currently accessible to internal staff only, but please take a look at our other research on this page and training courses if you’d like to learn more.

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