Is there anywhere you’d rather be than at home when that time finally comes? Surrounded by those you love.

With our ‘Hospice at Home’ team, we do all that we can to make this possible. Hospice care can last for months or even years depending on your diagnosis but when it comes down to those final weeks, our team of registered Hospice at Home nurses and nursing assistants are on hand.

Sue and Mary, my lovely nurses, come to see me a couple of times each day. They are just incredible in making sure that I am comfortable and as pain-free as I can be. I’m not very mobile these days, so they will help bathe me, massage me and even style my hair – Ursula

If you choose to be at home for your final days, we will work alongside your GP and district nurses to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. This may involve daily visits, helping your loved ones to know what to look out for, and reducing any symptoms you may have.

Hospice at Home

The Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice at Home team aims to:

  • Care for people who are at the end stage of their illness and have expressed a wish to die at home
  • Provide a complete package of care in people’s own homes in partnership with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust (BCHC) working alongside GPs and other care providers until a long term package of care can be provided.
  • Help people avoid crises that could lead to unwanted hospital admissions
  • Ensure a timely discharge of people in hospital who are awaiting a package of care and are nearing the end of their lives

We will care for

  • Patients who are 18 years or over
  • Patients with a Birmingham GP and are within the catchment area of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice
  • Patients who are assessed as having a limited life expectancy and wish to be cared for and die at home
  • Patients with an uncertain life expectancy may be eligible for our “Bridging Service”. This is a short term service aimed at bridging the gap until a long term package of care can be provided. Our Hospice at Home nurses will discuss this with you

We will provide

  • An assessment by a registered nurse
  • Visits by healthcare assistants and nurses to meet your end of life care needs
  • Assistance with personal care, patient comfort and nursing care
  • Support, advice and emotional care to patients and their families
  • Assistance with nutritional needs as appropriate

How long will Hospice at Home visit for?

  • Care is reviewed after 2 weeks
  • If appropriate, care may continue following review and discussion with you, your carers and district nurse
  • If your problems have resolved and your condition has stabilised, ongoing care will transfer to another care provider

Click here to download our Hospice at Home information leaflet

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