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I’m Rachel, the Triage Nurse here at the hospice, with an urgent request to you – our beloved community – on behalf of our entire nursing team.

It’s been over 40 years since opening our doors on 5 March 1979. One inspirational nurse, Monica Pearce, fundraised and campaigned tirelessly to realise her dream of a local hospice – a place for local people nearing the end of their life to live well and to the full.

Now, 40 years on, our hospice care has grown remarkably, reaching 500 people every day – both here at in our Inpatient Unit and out in the community. Monica’s mission is ours now, looking forward to the next 40 years.

But our mission is also our challenge. Today, we care for more people and the demand for our care is ever-increasing. To meet this, we’ve channelled more money into developing and diversifying our services; we never, ever want to turn a patient away.

But the truth is, we must look to replace some of the specialist equipment soon. We want to offer people the absolute best of everything – which I’m sure you’ll agree, is what they deserve. But this year, there are limited funds to purchase the things we so desperately need for the comfort and dignity of our patients.

So, in the spirit of Monica Pearce and her incredible passion, we’re appealing to the wonderful supporters in our community who have helped Birmingham St Mary’s grow into the special place it is today. So on behalf of all our nurses, I’m here to humbly ask if you will help us to buy new equipment for our Inpatient Unit – and pave the way for another 40 years of care?

Our Nurses’ Wish List

‘Riser Recliner’ Chairs

For patients and their relatives – no one wants to be in bed, or in one place, all day, so these chairs are supportive enough to offer another option, while they also give relatives who want to stay with their loved one through the night a comfortable rest by reclining all the way back.

Beds, Mattresses & Covers

These electronic beds are really something special – they can be operated by the patient and move smoothly to ensure comfort, just at the touch of a button. They can also transform to enable patients to sit up in a chair-like position, as well as tilt to help someone move about more easily.

Syringe Drivers

Syringe drivers are an essential piece of equipment at the hospice; they’re remarkable devices which allow us to administer medication continuously over a 24-hour period, helping to control a patient’s symptoms – such as pain or sickness – allowing them to have their vital medication when needed.


A can of your favourite drink in the fridge can seem like a little thing, but for our patients it can help with a dry mouth or ulcers and can be nicer than water for some, particularly if a patient can’t take a lot of food in. We currently have six, but we’d love to have more for people’s rooms.

Blood Sugar Kits & Thermometers

These machines are a vital part of our care; they help to monitor our patients and respond to their needs to ensure they remain comfortable.

If someone has an infection or fever, a thermometer can show us this. Both of these tools can give us a good indication that something’s not quite right, enabling us to investigate ways to make a patient more comfortable.

Maxi Move Hoist Mobility Aid

For patients with limited mobility, the hoist helps to lift them up into a seated position so that they can leave their bed and be transferred to a chair, the toilet, or anywhere they need to go.

For patients who can’t walk, it gives them the independence to be able to move. We’ve got just one hoist for the whole hospice – but sometimes we need to use more than one at a time – so it’d be simply amazing to have another.

Sara Plus Hoist Mobility Aid

This is a brilliant piece of equipment; essentially, it enables our nurses to help a person who isn’t able to get up and about from one place to another, quickly and effortlessly – as well as support them to stand on their own.

Could you be one of 100 people to give £29.20 – enough to buy one of the new beds, mattresses and covers that we need? Or, if you felt able, £50 could help us purchase a blood sugar kit.

Whatever amount you choose to donate, please let us know what item you’d like it to go towards by letting us know in the ‘Leave a Comment’ box in the form.

With your support, we can make a huge impact on the quality of life and care we provide, every day of the year. A gift towards anything on our list would be amazing; thank you so much for reading this and for any gift you feel able to make.

Rachel Shuttleworth

Triage Nurse

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Help our nursing team buy the new equipment we need for the Hospice