Take the leap of faith with our Skydive Challenge in 2020! 

There are few things more thrilling than freefalling from 10,000 feet at 120mph. Our 2019 dates have been booked up, however you can join us in 2020! We have teamed up with Skydive Tilstock so you can experience a tandem jump and fly through the skies just like your favourite comic book hero!

Date: Saturday 21st March 2020 | Additional 2020 TBA...

It’s a truly unforgettable experience, and back on the ground, the money you raise will be used to fund our vital end of life care services and provide support for terminally ill individuals and their families.

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Tandem Jump

This is the easiest way to jump, a tandem dive is done in a dual harness so you are securely attached to a qualified instructor at all times. Because the instructor takes care of the important parts of the jump, such as opening the parachute and landing, you can just enjoy the exhilarating experience, and your preparation for the jump is usually only 30 minutes.

What does it cost?

Upon booking your skydive place you will need to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit. This amount is taken off the final jump cost.

The remaining jump cost is £180 - but as long as you reach our minimum sponsorship target of £395, this is covered by the hospice. 

Alternatively, you may wish to pay for the entire jump cost yourself which means 100% of your sponsorship money will come to the hospice.


This is such a daring challenge so we recommend setting yourself a target of £550 to help keep you motivated as you prepare for the jump. As a minimum we would ask you to raise £395. 

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When can you jump?

Our next day will be Saturday 21st March 2020, which you can book below. More dates will be announced soon.

Alternatively, you can jump on any other day of the year to suit you. Just email us with your preferred date and we can check availability with the skydive centre.

For more information please call 0121 752 8779 or email [email protected]

Maria's Skydive

Want to know what it's really like to leap out of a plane from 10,000ft? Check out what happened when Maria, our Community Fundraiser skydived for Birmingham St Mary's!

Medical Conditions

Your £50 deposit is non-refundable, please ensure you have read through the Medical Information Form before registering your place. Should you require sign off from a doctor then please take the following Medical Advice Form to your GP to sign.

Please also be aware there is a weight limit of 15 stone for this challenge, please familiarise yourself with the Height, Weight and BMI Limits here before signing up, all participants will be weighed on arrival, any persons over this weight will not be permitted to jump.

The minimum age is 16 to jump (parental consent needed for under 18s). All participants over the age of 60 will need a Medical Advice Form signed by a GP and to meet with Alex prior to the skydive to ensure they are safe to jump.

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The Fearsome Four

Do you want more of a challenge? Check out our Fearsome Four challenge for 2020. Take on all 4 challenges for our 40th Anniversary. We've got Wing Walking, a Tandem Skydive, a Bungee Jump and a Loop the Loop. Complete all of the challenges in one year to join the exclusive club of supporters who have jumped, dived, looped and flown through the skies for us.

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Skydive - Sat 21st March - Non Refundable Deposit

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Skydive - 2020 Date - Non Refundable Deposit

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Skydive - 2021 Date - Non Refundable Deposit

Decrease Increase £50.00

Skydive - Choose my own date - Non Refundable Deposit

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