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Steps Together group is a success

4 May 2022

Our new bereavement group has been a great success three months since it was launched.

Bereaved adults who attended the newly-formed counselling and art therapy group, Steps Together, have described their experience as ‘invaluable’ and have been inspired to expand the group into local communities.

Hospice Counsellors Christina and Caron have completed their three month review of the wellbeing programme which was focused on healing and wellbeing in bereavement.

Speaking about the group, Christina said: “Steps Together combines counselling and art therapy, so we fuse talking therapy with various non-verbal, creative expressive therapies.

“There were many aims for this group, but at its core as therapists we wanted to facilitate a safe and compassionate space for change, emotional recovery, to instill hope, a renewed investment in self and commitment to wellbeing.

“A secondary wish, as we are both advocates for building compassionate communities, was that the group would continue to grow and support each other beyond the sessions, and it has! This is amazing!

“Reviewing the progress of the group at the three month mark helps us to see of what the participants have learnt has embedded and to check if they were sustaining progress. All were and 100% of them said they would recommend this group experience to others.

“We are hugely privileged to have been involved with these lovely people.”