We rely on donations to provide our vital services to patients and families who are living with life-limiting illness. It costs £8 million each year to run the Hospice – that’s £21,918 a day, £914 per hour, and £16 every minute. We therefore rely on the generous support of local people to help fund our vital work.

We are grateful for all donations we receive but if you are able to make a regular gift to Birmingham St Mary’s it will mean that you’ll not only be helping us to continue our vital work now, but also in the years to come.

A monthly gift of just £5 could provide a nurse with a new uniform and £10 a month could help pay for a patient to come and spend the day in our Day Hospice. If you were able to give £20 it would go a long way to ensuring that a patient could receive ‘Hospice at Home’ end of life care.

To make a regular gift of any amount, please click the button below...

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