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“Why my business is supporting treecycling this year”

3 January 2020

How will you be getting rid of your real Christmas tree this year? On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January, hundreds of Treecycling volunteers from Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice will be collecting trees right from your doorstep in exchange for a donation.  

Treecycling is a fantastic campaign which makes getting rid of your tree a doddle, it helps you to act greener in the New Year, and you’ll be raising funds to help care for local people living with life-limiting illness. But did you know that Treecycling is supported by local businesses, so that every pound you donate goes directly towards the Hospice?

SJ Financial Solutions – which is based in Harborne and provides mortgage and protection advice – is just one of the big-hearted business who is backing Treeyclcing this year. The firm’s director, Stuart Mosley, shares why he wanted to get behind the initiative and show his support for his local hospice…     

I’ve been aware of Birmingham St Mary’s Treecycling campaign for the last couple of years and I’ve always been keen to get involved. I think Treecycling is a brilliant idea – it’s an innovative, smart and simple way for people to recycle their Christmas trees, all whilst raising funds for a local charity.

At SJ Financial Solutions, we support Treecycling through corporate sponsorship and by promoting it via our website and social media channels. It’s such a simple thing for us to do – and doesn’t take up a lot of time or effort – and yet, we know that our support can have a big impact, helping to raise vital funds to help care for local people living with life-limiting illness.

What I particularly like about this scheme is the part it plays in protecting our environment. Treecycling stops trees from ending up in landfill – which creates harmful carbon footprints – making it much easier for residents to act greener this year. But it’s not just residents who need to act more sustainably; I think businesses are also responsible for supporting and implementing recycling practices. That’s why I wanted SJ Financial Solutions to support Treecycling this year, as it’s a great way to encourage the whole community to kick-start their New Year in a greener way.

I also wanted to support Birmingham St Mary’s as it’s a local charity, caring for local people. It’s heartening to know that thanks to business and volunteer support, every donation made to the Treecycling campaign will go directly towards the Hospice, helping people within our own communities to live well with life-limiting illness. I visited the Hospice recently and it was a real eye-opener for me. I was surprised at how many different services the Hospice provides – especially those in people’s own homes – so it’s humbling to know that our firm is playing a small role in providing that crucial care this year.

And it’s not just about raising funds, Treecycling also helps raise much-needed awareness about hospice care. There are still lots of people who are unaware of the difference hospice care can make to them and their quality of life, so I think it’s vital that we help spread the word. I’m really proud that SJ Financial Solutions is helping to do this, even if it’s just through our social media posts, talking with clients or even telling our friends and family – it really does make a difference.

I think it’s amazing that we’re able to support Treecycling this year and for anyone who has a real Christmas tree this year, I would urge you to Treecycle it!

Thank you Stuart and SJ Financial Solutions for sharing your Treecycling story with us. If you’re a local business and would like to support Treecycling this year, please get in touch with our friendly fundraising team by emailing or calling 0121 752 8779.