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Why I Love Treecycling

11 January 2017

Charlotte is our Corporate Partnerships Manager and here she shares with us why Treecycling is one of her favourite campaigns…

My mission is for all our business supporters to have an insight into life here at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

Throughout 2016, my blogs were about my experiences at the Hospice as we reach out to more corporate supporters to raise awareness of the great work happening here.

As we begin 2017, my mission remains the same, but my blogs are going to give an insight into corporate social responsibility practices, and what they really mean to the local community.

First up is a campaign run by the Hospice, a bit biased, but stay with me…

In January, for our Treecycling campaign, we collect real Christmas trees from people’s homes and recycle them in exchange for a donation.

Sponsored by Fitzgerald Civil Engineering Contractors, Treecycling is one of my favourite campaigns, as it is an environmental project which raises funds for Birmingham St Mary’s.

Why this is a great corporate responsibility project…

  • The campaign turns discarded Christmas trees into mulch, biomass fuel etc. creating a positive environmental impact whilst also raising vital funds.
  • Our volunteer Treecycling project mentor helps to extend the project year on year, and over 30 volunteers promote the campaign and collect all the trees for recycling. This means every pound raised can go directly to Hospice services.
  • Our long term partnership with Fitzgerald Civil Engineering Contractors gives us the scope to build the campaign year on year, extending our postcodes for collection and increasing total income (Fitzgerald are great at Corporate Social Responsibility).

Treecycling provides a genuine service for the local community in exchange for their donation.

Fitzgerald Civil Engineering don’t just sponsor the campaign, they also volunteer their time and their vans, committing to the project wholeheartedly and being an essential cog in the wheel. Thank you to Managing Director Nick Coley and his team.