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“This place I have found is my safe place” – patient shares Complementary Therapy journey

4 September 2023

At Birmingham Hospice we o­ffer bespoke complementary therapies to support our patients’ physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Using a combination of both modern and ancient techniques, our therapies complement conventional treatments by supporting relaxation and stress management, aiding sleep, easing aches and pains, relieving nausea, assisting with symptom control, and promoting self-care techniques and practices. They also help to provide a safe space where patients can be themselves and take some much-needed time out.

Treatments on offer include our guided time out meditations, for moments of pure relaxation where participants can take a breath and slowly let it go by picturing calming scenes and images. These are carried out in person, virtually or over the phone where loved ones can join in too.

Shelagh took advantage of our meditation sessions with hospice Complementary Therapist Angela Vigus, and kindly shared her experiences with us.

“Angela has helped me and supported me to find inner peace within myself. I am able to take off the heavy bag of illness that I carry around with me day and night. When Angela takes me by the hand and walks me through our (metaphorical) gate, she leads me into a space where there is no cancer, no pain and no worries. All I find is warmth, peace and freedom.

“I never thought I would be able to find inner peace again – my life has become a hurricane of chemo, radiotherapy, appointments, operations. I felt what life I had left was spinning out of control; I couldn’t stop it!

“Angela found me, she picked me up, and pushed open the gate. It was then I realised, with the help of our group therapy, I could stop spinning. I was able to remember life before the cancer; I was able to see a future and enjoy it.

“I often return to my gate and walk through it on the good and bad days, because I know I can leave everything behind me. This place I have found is my safe place, full of warmth, love, understanding and time where I can be listened to. Without Angela and our group meditation, I don’t know where I would be today.”

Complementary therapies are available for anyone being treated by the hospice. Patients should speak to a member of the team involved in their care, who will be able to refer them to the Complementary Therapy team.

An initial consultation is carried out to assess patients’ individual needs and introduce the therapies on offer and their benefits. From there, one of our Complementary Therapists will create a bespoke treatment plan with care tailored to the patient, which may involve a single therapy or a combination, depending on an individual’s needs.

Find out more about our complementary therapies.