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Taking on Le Mans 24 Hours for Tori

7 March 2019

This weekend, Rich, Matt, Jon-Marc, Dylan, Chris & Kennedy, a dedicated team of gamers will be taking on a virtual Le Mans 24 Hours race (yes 24 hours non-stop!) as part of ‘Raise Your Game’. This is their story…

We are taking on a gaming challenge in memory of Matt’s sister, Tori who passed away in the care of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. One of the things that struck us when she passed away was the quality of care that the Hospice not only gave her but also her family. Therefore we wanted to give something back to the Hospice to enable them to continue to support families through these difficult times.

Birmingham St Mary’s also supported Jon-Marc and Dylan’s aunt, Barbara, a few years ago so when we found out about ‘Raise Your Game’, we thought it was the perfect way for us to raise money for the Hospice!

Tori was a gamer herself and we know she would have loved the idea of being part of such an event! We spoke about what challenge we would take on and talked about smaller ideas such as holding a gaming evening but then one of the group suggested we did something a bit more challenging, which is why we are taking on the Le Mans 24 Hours race on GT Sport! Tori would have laughed at the fact that we are putting ourselves through 24 hours of constant racing!

We all love gaming and it is our release, allowing us to step aside from the normal and become something completely different, from a football superstar to a racing driver! It is great to see how gaming has developed from a small pastime to a fully-fledged art form and offers a level of interaction that films, TV or books could never reach.

Jon-Marc and Rich showing just how much they love gaming

We are looking forward to the finish line the most! But joking aside, it will be wonderful to complete the challenge in the company of friends and family, along with gathering support in the run up and/or live streaming the event! The feeling of community that is gathering around this event is fantastic and is hopefully something we can do again!

Follow the fantastic team as they take on their 24-hour gaming challenge…, and remember you can still sign up to take on your own challenge over the ‘Raise Your Game’ weekend from the 8th – 10th March –