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Why Sharon’s Skydiving For The Hospice

2 March 2017

Sharon works here at the Hospice and on Saturday 25th March, she’ll be jumping out of a plane to raise funds for Birmingham St Mary’s! Discover what inspired Sharon to take the leap…

What motivated you to take on your first skydive?

When I heard about the tandem skydive day, I’d just started in my new role at Birmingham St Mary’s – leading the community services. I feel truly committed to the Hospice and the vision of reaching more people, so I wanted to give something back. The email arrived in my inbox and I signed up before I had too much time to think about it!

How do you feel in the lead up to it?

Truly terrified, I am in denial and will think about it when it’s upon me.

How has the fundraising gone?

People are so generous, in times when everyone in healthcare is looking and asking for more, my friends and colleagues have stepped up and supported me. I met 30% of my target in a few hours but have got a bit stuck now, so I’ll have to think of more ways to get sponsorship.

Tell us about the work you do here at the Hospice?

I lead and manage the community services, and at any time we support around 300 people and their carers at home.

This can be in our Day Hospice, where people come along to our 12-week programme to enable them to live their lives more fully.

Or in our specialist nursing team, where our nurse specialists work with GPs and district nurses to ensure people are able to live their lives well without pain and distress, this can be at home or in one of our new Satellite Clinics in Sparkbrook or Bartley Green.

Or at home with our Hospice at Home team, who help people to remain at home at the end of their lives by providing practical care and support.

My role is bringing these services together so that the patient and those who are caring for them receive the right care to meet their needs at the right time.

Our care helps people to live and die where they want to be, feeling supported and living well until the end of their lives.

Do you have a favourite memory of your time here at the Hospice?

I have many, the people I have cared for over the years have touched me in many ways and make me the person I am today.

A young woman I cared for some years ago was dying of a brain tumour, she was an incredibly special person who loved sculpture. I arranged for a sculptor to spend time with her and they created a piece which was personal to her and symbolised her faith and the journey she had been on. This helped her create a legacy. What we do is often indefinable but for me it is about creating meaning and hope in whatever life we have left.

How important is it that people like yourself fundraise for Birmingham St Mary’s?

We are all a part of the Hospice Community and each have a part to play, this is my small piece.

Where does the money go?

To keep reaching more people, to keeping lives full of hope, and to supporting more families.

Thank you Sharon for sharing your story with us and for jumping out of a place to support the Hospice!

If you’d like to show your support for Sharon, please visit her JustGiving page or if you feel inspired to follow in her footsteps, we’re holding another Tandem Skydive Day in September, click here to find out more!