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Proving Uncle Frank Wrong

23 November 2016

I really enjoyed doing the skydive for Birmingham St Mary’s, it’s a fantastic place for such a sad time. The dive was the best experience of my life and I would do it again and again.

My Uncle Frank had always said that I’d never do a skydive and that I’d be too scared. However, after he passed away, I spotted that Birmingham St Mary’s had organised a charity skydive four days after Frank’s birthday, so it was an ideal opportunity  to prove him wrong.

Not just for that reason but also to raise money for such a good cause. I decided to do an online appeal through my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and managed to raise £1305 for the Hospice! I even had sponsors from biker friends from as far as America which is overwhelming.

Just two days before my skydive I was involved in two road traffic accidents on the same day! My car got hit on the motorway and rolled several times, and then I was knocked off my motorbike on the same night.

I truly believe my Uncle Frank and Nan Lena were looking over me. Despite my injuries and the pain I was in, I was determined to get this skydive done for closure which I’m glad to say I did.

I know he would’ve been proud of me and I’d personally  like to thank Birmingham St Mary’s from the bottom of my heart for showing my uncle compassion and dignity in the few days he spent at the Hospice in April before he sadly passed.

All the staff and doctors were amazing and couldn’t do any more, not just for my uncle but for the family. I did this not only for my uncle but also for all of you at the Hospice. So from me and my family, I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you Martin for sharing your story with us and for jumping out of a plane to raise vital funds for the Hospice.

If you’ve been inspired by Martin and would like to experience the rush of skydiving, check out our tandem skydive day!