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Pauline’s Story

8 February 2021

“I took part in the NOvember challenge as I thought it was something I could do! I haven’t been able to get out walking and I don’t fancy a skydive! So I felt the November challenge was a way I could give back to the Hospice, whilst being at home. In the past I have put on coffee mornings and celebrated milestones to raise funds for the Hospice which always involves food! However due to Covid-19, I can’t put these on at the moment, but NOvember meant I could still fundraise with something involving food – which I thought was appropriate!”

Pauline decided to give up yummy biscuits and cakes for the month of November as the Hospice has a special place in her heart, when her Mum spent 5 days on the inpatient unit before she passed away.

“Mum was determined to get to the Hospice, as she wanted me to get support after she had passed away. We travelled to the Hospice in the ambulance in the most brilliant sunshine. I sat by Mum and as we were travelling through Selly Park, the song The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood came on the radio. Mum whispered to me in the ambulance “This is a great adventure”. In that time we shared a few special moments before the reality of our situation soon set in.

“Before we knew it, she was wheeled into the warmth of the Hospice – Christmas trees and decorations were at every corner there and the nurses smiled. Mum was put in her own room and I sat in a comfy chair with a mug of coffee and a lovely chaplain sitting next to me. We felt so supported even though we had both been so scared. On that first day at the Hospice, the nurses were amazing, they called Mum ‘Glad’ which she liked to be called and she smiled so many times that day. The nurses sent me out whilst they attended to Mum’s daily needs. I walked around the garden in piercing sunshine, looking at the cold and frozen roses, but I was numbed by more than the frost. in those moments. However the lyrics from the special song on our journey, ‘The Power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul’ are always in my heart and so is the Hospice. Love is a powerful force and the 5 days we spent at the Hospice were life changing.

Pauline raised a fantastic £435 from her NOvember challenge in memory of her Mum and said “I found the NOvember challenge quite hard, but I did it! On the 1st December I treated myself to a big piece of party cake, which was very delicious! “

A huge #BSMHThankYou Pauline, your story and fundraising is inspirational and we are so grateful for your amazing support. We hope that you enjoyed your slice of cake too at the end of the challenge!

If you have been inspired to fundraise by Pauline’s story, then visit to see how you can make a difference to Hospice Care.