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Pampering My Mom and Taking Away Her Pain

2 April 2018

As part of our Forget Me Not campaign, Kerry wanted to share her mother’s story…

My mother, Sheila Smyth, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Unfortunately, her pain was just so incredibly hard to manage and although she was so reluctant to come in to a hospice, on that first day, she was pampered and made to feel so welcome, which I know helped her to adapt very quickly to her surroundings.

She often talked highly of all the staff and I know she made some true friends. I often walked in to a member of staff dancing or singing to my mom to keep her spirits up! And a doctor always attended just to see how she was doing.

She spent a couple of months with you late last year where we experienced on a daily basis how kind you all are and it never ever felt like you were just doing a job. Your kind words and spirit were real and matched my mother’s fantastic personality! You made me and my family feel at home and relaxed every day we were there.

My son Kai was very close to his nanny Sheila and Birmingham St Mary’s staff helped to make it a nice safe place for him to be himself. As my mom unfortunately started to deteriorate I was offered support for Kai which I accepted and very much appreciated.

My mom got to meet her new granddaughter Jessie, where again Birmingham St Mary’s made this experience special, there were times that I found moments hard when visiting my mother daily but the Hospice were so caring and often helped me to grieve in a quiet room whilst supporting and attending to Jessie’s needs.

You all often went above and beyond for the care of my mom and in supporting us as a family and we’ll be forever grateful. Keep up the dedicated hard work you all commit to and help put many more smiles on many more special people.

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my mom THANK YOU xx

Thank you Kerry for sharing your mom’s story and to give others a glimpse of what it’s like here at our Hospice.

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