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Our Love of Clubbercise!

10 February 2017

On Saturday 4th March, we’re holding our first ever ‘Let’s Danceathon’ to raise funds for the Hospice! With over a hundred people already signed up, it’s going to be a blast. So dig out your dancing shoes and join us, as we learn all sorts of fun dance styles from the experts.

One of the styles we’ll be grooving to is Clubbercise! This is all about simple, fun dance fitness routines using glow sticks to club anthems from 90s classics to the latest chart hits taught in a darkened room with disco lights…

Leanne and Claire are our two Clubbercise experts who will lead the fun and here are their stories…


I was a competitive dancer for over 20 years, and travelled the country competing.  I ran my own dance school for over 10 years, and was teaching children to dance and taking part in competitions all over the country.

I retired from teaching dance to go off and have my beautiful little boy Stanley, now aged 2, but decided I still needed dance in my life!  This is when I discovered Clubbercise, I have been teaching Clubbercise for 12 months, and now takes 4 classes per week.

I absolutely love Clubbercise; it’s a huge passion of mine.  The classes are built around making people feel comfortable and having fun, whilst burning calories and toning and getting fit!

I love that I have a wide variety of class participants and varied ages, it is tailored to all fitness levels and ages.  The music is fabulous as it takes me back to my clubbing days, and when a tune comes on in the class and people have memories to it the room goes completely wild!  It really is like a night out, without the heels!


From the first routine I did at a Clubbercise class, I was totally hooked! The music, the darkness, the glow sticks and the atmosphere was something I’d not experienced from a fitness class before and it was just FUN!

After my first class, I felt like I’d been out dancing with my friends for an hour and I couldn’t wait to go again. I’m now a qualified Clubbercise instructor and honestly can’t wait to get to my venues to teach my classes every week and see my crazy Clubbers. Why don’t you head on down to Let’s Danceathon and see what you’re missing out on! You may end up loving it and joining a local Clubbercise class at

Let’s Danceathon is going to be a fundraising event unlike any other and we’d love you to join us. Find out more and book on today by visiting!