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Patient Neil and son Ryan celebrate special birthday together

10 August 2022

Helping people celebrate special moments is something that is so important to Clinical Teams at The Hospice Charity Partnership.

The Inpatient Unit Team at our Erdington site pulled out all the stops to ensure that patient Neil would be able to celebrate his son’s 16th birthday with him.

Mary Moorehouse, Discharge Coordinator, said: “With Neil coming into the Inpatient Unit quite often, the bond between him and his son Ryan became clear.

“When Neil let us know that it was Ryan’s 16th birthday we wanted to surprise him with a small celebration to let them know that just because Dad was staying at the hospice, special occasions can still be made special.”

Neil and Ryan’s family members were invited to a party in the garden at the hospice and were able to enjoy the sunshine while making precious memories.

The Inpatient Unit Team worked hard to pull the party together, including bringing in balloons, decorations and a birthday cake. And the Catering Team provided food and refreshments.

The Personal Health Budget Team (PHB) had previously arranged for a special hand cast to be created of Neil and Ryan’s hands together, as a keepsake for the father and son which was delivered just in time for the party.

Mary added: “All of the team rallied together to get banners, a cake, sandwiches and a few small presents to open on the day.

“And as luck would have it, the hand casts that had been moulded a few weeks earlier were being delivered the same day as Ryan’s birthday, making the day a lovely memory for all the family.”

Speaking about the party, Ryan said: “I’m really appreciative of what was done at the hospice for my birthday as I don’t know if I will get to celebrate another birthday with Dad. Thank you.”