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Making Each Day Your Best Day

5 October 2016

Here is Maxine, our Lead Palliative Care Social Worker, who would like to share something from earlier this year that brightened the life of one mother who came to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice…

As part of the Family and Carer Support Team, my job varies from day to day as I help patients and their families with any needs they may have. This could be anything from funeral planning to housing issues or helping people write letters to loved ones.

Anything we can do to help our patients make the most of the time they have left, we will do. So when one lady asked if I could possibly organise a holiday for her, I got right on to it.

The first step was to get in touch with a wonderful organisation called Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (TTHN). Founded by Luke Tillen, they provide holidays to various families from those with seriously ill children to families who have a terminally ill parent.

I applied to TTHN and was successful in securing a week’s holiday in Devon for our patient and her 4 year old child along with 2 close relatives to help provide support. In addition to travel costs being paid for by TTHN, they provided the family with food and passes to local attractions and a local bus pass. I also applied to W.E.D. Charitable Trust who kindly gave the patient a grant of £200 towards spending money and clothes.

They went away this August just gone and had a terrific time! The patient was very pleased as she had never been on holiday with her child before and was able to create some very special memories for her child.

Working in the Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice FACS Team, I will do anything I can to help our patients live life to the full and ensure they get the best experience of living leading up to and at the end of life.

Please spread the word and let people know that hospice care is much more than preparing for the end of life, it’s about making each day your best day.