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Knobby’s 21st London Marathon!

18 April 2017

Here at the Hospice, we are very fortunate to have lots of amazing people raising vitals funds for us and now, we’d like to introduce Bob ‘Knobby’ Clarke!

This Sunday 23rd April, inspired by two friends of his that passed away at the Hospice, he’s tackling the London Marathon for us at the age of 70. Incredibly, this is his 21st London Marathon…

I joined the Boy Soldiers in 1962 for two years and I started my regular service in 1965 for twenty two years. During this time, I went to the Far East, the Middle East and to Germany. I spent seven years in the Territorial Army and was on Army Reserve ‘til I was 60 years of age.

I’ve been to all sorts of places including Singapore, Malaya, Bangkok, Sharjah, Bahrain, Muscat, Dubai, Malta, British Honduras (now known as Belize), and other places around the world. I’ve also been over the Pyrenees from France to Spain three times.

During my time, I’ve tackled two Great North Runs, abseiled down the British Telecom Building in London and taken on other small runs. I started my first London Marathon though when I was 49 years old and enjoyed it so much I’ve tackled it each year ever since!

Now that I’m 70 years of age, I consider myself to be a very lucky man in terms of health so far. So I’m more than happy to run for those who are not so lucky.

Best regards with all the love for what you do and the staff at Birmingham St Mary’s.

I’ll do my best for you,


We don’t doubt it for a second Knobby and thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to us here at the Hospice. We wish you and all of our London Marathon runners an excellent race this Sunday!

If you’ve been inspired by Knobby and would like a challenge, take a look at our running events…