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How Eileen Has Helped Raise Thousands

3 January 2017

Our volunteer Collection Box Coordinators help support our fundraising team in the local community by raising much-needed funds for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. Retired NHS financial services manager Eileen is just one of our wonderful collection box coordinators. When she is not volunteering at the Hospice, she enjoys going on holiday, lunches with friends, reading, going to the cinema and the theatre.

“I have now been a collection box coordinator for over 5 years at Birmingham St Mary’s. I started this role as my brother received excellent care from the Hospice and when he passed away in 2010 I wanted to give something back.

As part of my role, I work from the fundraising office where I contact local businesses, shops, pubs etc. who have our charity collection boxes and see if they need replacing or if they would like to have one of our boxes. I am allocated a specific geographical patch within Birmingham where I go out and replace full collection boxes or give new companies a box so they can start collecting for the Hospice. I also clean and prepare the boxes ready for distribution, supporting the other collection box coordinators within our friendly and sociable team.

Since working here, myself and the team have raised £125,000 from the collection boxes. This was a very proud moment, knowing that I have helped raise funds for the Hospice so they can carry on providing the free services within the Hospice, in people’s homes and out in the community.

I would recommend becoming a collection box coordinator to anyone and to volunteer at the Hospice; there is a role for everyone. You will be amazed at the dedication of staff and volunteers who make you feel welcome and valued.”

Without our amazing Collection Box Coordinators like Eileen, we would not be able to continue to provide free care and support to those living with a terminal illness across Birmingham and Sandwell. If you are interested in joining our friendly and welcoming Collection Box Coordinator team visit to find out more.