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Grieving on Father’s Day

19 June 2020

Occasions like Father’s Day can be tough for those of us who have gone through the experience of losing a father. Here is Maureen, one of our bereavement counsellors, to share some advice…

Grieving for the loss of your father or a father figure can make Father’s Day an overwhelming experience.

It’s easy to feel isolated with your pain and sadness especially in the current climate.

Here are a few things that may help…

  • It’s ok to cry and feel sad, but also try and do something nice and remember not only the sad times but take your mind to times of joy that you shared together.
  • Take some private time out to connect with the memory of your dad; talk to him, look at photographs (if you are able to), don’t let him be a stranger, if the sadness builds up too much, you could consider writing a letter to him and share how you feel.
  • Take a walk connecting with nature.

Whatever gives you comfort, invest in that activity. Honouring gives peace, find your own way of being able to honour your father that continues your relationship in a different way. If you feel inclined, raise a glass and give him your Father’s Day toast.

The pain we feel always equals the love for the person we have lost.

Thank you for sharing this advice with us Maureen. To find out more about our bereavement support, please click here.