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From Electrical To An Electrifying Challenge

16 July 2017

Hi, my name is Tim Jones and I run a company called Plugsafe Portable Appliance Testing, which tests anything with a 3-pin plug for electrical safety. As part of my job I go around all the Birmingham St Mary’s charity shops that sell electrical items and carry out tests to see if they’re safe to be sold to the general public.

It was a few months ago when I was sitting at home with my wife and just looking through Facebook when I saw the Loop the Loop challenge video, I said to my wife, “Wow that looks good” she said to me, “Would you do that?”, I hesitated and said “Yeah”, knowing I’m not a good flyer, and didn’t think much more about it.

Well, a few weeks later it was my birthday and upon opening my present my wife gave me an envelope which I opened and lo and behold there it was, my loop challenge! I was absolutely petrified as I hate flying but tried not to show it and thanked her so much for my fantastic present!! She informed me that she had actually paid for the flight in total so everything I raise will go straight to the charity which made me feel really guilty knowing now that I really had to do the challenge.

I then had to put my worries to one side and set up a giving page as my beloved wife started to tell friends and family what a brave little soldier I was in doing the challenge!!! I set myself a goal of £400 thinking this is a massive challenge not only to raise this amount but to also do the flight!!!

The donations started coming in as soon as I put a post on Facebook telling people that my wife had put me up for this challenge. I also e-mailed all of my customers telling them what I was doing and within half an hour one of my customers had donated £50. I was absolutely gobsmacked at his generosity, so I called him up to say thank you, and he told me that Birmingham St Mary’s was close to his heart as his dad was in the Hospice. I just felt for him and I then knew that I had to do this challenge not for me but for these people that need places like this, a few days later I received yet another £50 donation from another customer that just said it’s a fantastic thing that I’m doing and wished me luck in the challenge.

Well I have smashed the £400 target and the total is currently over the £500 mark. I’m so grateful to everyone who has sponsored me and although I’m extremely nervous about doing the challenge I know that I have to do this not for me or my ego but for the likes of my customer’s father who was in the Hospice and all the other people that go to this amazing place.

All I can say to anyone that is thinking about doing the challenge is put your fears to one side, go out ask friends and family to sponsor you, so that every single penny can help these unfortunate people, giving them comfort, care and love at a very challenging time.

Thank you Tim for sharing the story of how you came to take on our flying challenge!

If you’ve been inspired by Tim and would like to experience the trick of all aerial tricks, you can sign up to the Loop the Loop today and join him on Saturday 5th August!

(If this is too short notice, other dates are available. Just email us with your preferred date and we can check availability.)