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Dance To The Hottest Music From India

30 January 2018

Hina will be leading our BollyTone session at Let’s Danceathon and has been dancing since the age of 2. Hina’s main purpose in life is to dance, she sleeps, breathes and dreams of dancing.

Hina comes from a family of dancers and was exposed to dance from a very young age. Her grandmother Mrs Savita Chauhan used to teach dancing to local community girls and besides her mum and aunties, Hina used to dance too.

She became a classically trained professional dancer with a penchant for performing a wide spectrum of award-winning Bollywood infusions which has won her international acclaim with awards, achievements and recognition spanning across England, Europe and India.

Here’s Hina to explain what BollyTone is exactly…

BollyTone is an inspired dynamic dance fitness programme that combines a vibrant atmosphere, energising choreography and will surely provide you with an intensive workout to the hottest music from India.

BollyTone incorporates a combination of Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian Classical Dance which will aim to improve your cardiovascular system along with setting those challenges to burn, tone and sweat.

Learn from the best on Saturday 3rd March and sign up for Let’s Danceathon, where Hina will take you through the incredible dance style that is BollyTone…!