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Birmingham Hospice Archive: Our retail legacy

6 December 2023
Barbara from our Kings Norton shop

Did you know? Our first ever charity shop was located on Heeley Road in Selly Park, where it still stands now!

This #ThrowbackThursday we’re taking a look back in our #BrumsHospiceArchive and learning more about our impressive high street history.

Barbara, who has been with the hospice as a volunteer and staff member for 20 years, says it’s “like Christmas” every time she goes to work in our Kings Norton shop.

Despite many changes over the years and the shop getting busier, Barbara says she’s loved her time as a volunteer, Shop Manager, and then again as a volunteer after retiring.

“It’s not an easy job, we work hard, but we see where the money goes and know it’s for a good cause.

“It’s something I’ve become really passionate about. I know most of the customers now as I have been at the shop for so long!”

For decades our charity shops have taken up residency on local high streets, providing a place for shoppers to have a nose and grab a bargain, all while supporting their local hospice.

With more than 20 shops across Birmingham and its surrounding areas, and more opening soon, we are so proud of this incredible legacy we have built.  

Enjoy this photo of our Selly Park shop decades ago!