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A trip down memory lane for our Heeley Road shop

11 January 2022

Step back in time with us and take a look at these amazing images of our Heeley Road shop from the mid 1950s which were colourised and kindly sent to us by Mark Parsons.

Mark’s grandparents, Harold and Doris Lea, previously owned the store which was a shoe repairers, as well as a haberdashery and wool shop.
The Heeley Road Shop
Mark and his parents Ruth and Victor Parsons lived above the shop from 1954 until 1962.
Speaking about his time spent on Heeley Road, Mark said: “I still remember the front doors and the stairs inside. I have very fond memories of the shop and my grandparents.

“Grandad was good friends with Harry Payne, a well known shoe repairer, grandad was very well known in that world as he had special machinery that others didn’t locally, so other shoe repairers actually came to grandad’s shop.

Inside the store
“The neighbouring shop to grandad’s was Beryl’s florist – as is now – with Beryl and Brian as the owners. Next door was Waites the sweet shop and tobacconists.

“I also remember the other nearby shops too, Mary Ford’s bakery, Mrs Potts’ sweet shop, St Edward’s School which is now a nursery, Murray’s shoe shop, Lee’s wallpaper and paint and Mrs Endtswistle’s grocery – they were lots of characters!

Doris and Harold Lea

“Grandad retired and sold the shop to Henry’s Army and Navy store.

Grandad, Harold Lea
“I have so many fond memories of grandad’s shop, my grandmother and also of my own parents when I was growing up there. I still remember the layout of the place, where the stairs were and all of the rooms.
“I’m pleased to see that it is part of The Hospice Charity Partnership, my mother actually passed at St Mary’s three years ago and it is a really lovely place.”

Thank you so much for sharing your memories and photographs with us Mark! We would love to see any other images of our shops or buildings from the past, please email them to