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5 Reasons to Vote for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice as Your RAG Charity

21 September 2016

1. We’re super local!

We’re based on Raddlebarn Road (many of you will be neighbours with us!), which is just a short walk from the university. We help over 1,200 people with terminal illness each year, providing support for their families and carers too from all over Birmingham and Sandwell.

2. We have great volunteering opportunities

We have plenty of opportunities in various departments.

We are used to organising specific, one-off volunteering opportunities. In the past this has included decorating rooms, maintaining our grounds, and putting up Christmas decorations. We also run the ‘Charity Shop Challenge’, where groups each take on one of our shops and compete to boost the day’s profits the most.

In the past, student groups have provided activities and entertainment for patients visiting our Day Hospice service, including quizzes and a pamper day.

Our fundraising department relies heavily on volunteers to help raise the £8 million pounds per year we require to run our services. We regularly take on interns to help on specific projects. Interns gain valuable transferrable business skills, and two of our past interns are now employed full time at the Hospice.

We also have one-off and ad-hoc opportunities, including volunteering at events, running stalls at external events/carnivals, and representing the hospice at bucket collections.

I’ve been an Events Intern here at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice for the past 10 months and it’s going to be very hard to leave. This role has given me so many fantastic opportunities; from representing the Hospice to organising my own successful event! I wholeheartedly recommend more university students to complete their placements here!” Events Intern, Amrit

3. We already work with you

The hospice offers placements for students of medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Students can experience Day Hospice, the Inpatient Unit, and visiting patients with the Community Team and Hospice at Home.

We provide, on average, 12 student nurse placements each year.

4th year medical students come to the hospice for Academic in days – 2 days of lectures with the hospice.

Lu Birch, a senior consultant at the Hospice, is involved in the teaching of specific modules, visiting the university to deliver lectures. Birmingham St Mary’s also supports the delivery of masters and PhD modules such as oncology, spiritual and social care of patients, and advanced care planning.

The hospice is involved in research for masters and PhD dissertations, and has more recently become involved in national research. This has included practical research into medical techniques and support for parents and carers.

4. Our services can benefit students too

We help people diagnosed with any terminal illness, which may include cancer, MS, MND, COPD, Alzheimers and AIDS, among many more conditions. We care for anybody aged 18 and up, and around a quarter of our patients are under 65. We also have a dedicated team to provide emotional and practical support to the families of patients, throughout illness and then for as long as it is needed after bereavement. These services are open to people of any age, and as a local hospice we have helped many local families – including students and alumni of the University of Birmingham.

5. Shameless Loyalty

If we were chosen as your RAG charity, your main hospice contact would be Community Fundraiser Laura Rollason. Laura studied at the University of Birmingham from 2007-2010, and then again from 2011-2012, and is desperate to get back to work with you again. Laura would be on hand to support you throughout the year, happy to relive her student experience for as long as she can!

As well as making Laura’s dream come true, you’d be helping us to provide vital care to local patients with terminal illnesses and their families. As well as medical support, we provide emotional and practical support to help families make the most of whatever time they have left. To hear from one of the families we’ve supported read Ann’s very touching story.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, feel free to email If we have convinced you, please click here and make us your first choice!

We hope to see you soon!