We are proud partners of the Black Country & West Birmingham Strategic Transformation Partnership (STP) and as part of this collaboration, we have been appointed as the preferred supplier of End of Life and Palliative Care education.

This project is commissioned and designed for all primary care staff* in the STP (Dudley, Sandwell & West Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton).

Each session is free to join to anyone meeting the above criteria**. All training will be delivered online via Zoom. Please note, to participate, it is essential you have access to a device with a camera and microphone.

To find out more information on a particular session and to register please click the button next to webinar topic you are interested in attending.

Once registered you will receive an email on how to access the webinar through Zoom. Ahead of joining any session, please ensure you read and understand the Delegate Information Guide

*in the case of the SAGE & THYME workshop, training is also open to non-clinical members of staff
** If you have any questions regarding the criteria to join the programme, please email education@birminghamhospice.org.uk


November 2021

Sage & Thyme Workshop (Online teaching session)Tuesday 23rd November1pm – 4pmBook here
Symptom control in palliative care – Pain (Online teaching session)Wednesday 24th November12pm – 1.30pmBook here

December 2021

Symptom control in palliative care – Breathlessness

(Online teaching session)

Thursday 2nd December



2pm – 3.30pmBook here
Palliative care emergencies (Online teaching session)Wednesday 15th December12pm – 1.30pmBook here


January 2022

Managing a dying patient (Online teaching session)Friday 14th January1pm – 2.30pmBook here
Communication skills – including breaking bad news to families (Online teaching session)Wednesday 26th January3pm – 4.30pmBook here

February 2022

Common ethical issues – Including feeding and dementia (Online teaching session)Tuesday 8th February1pm – 2.30pmBook here
Advance Care Planning – Case based learning (Online teaching session)Monday 28th February12pm – 1.30pmBook here


March 2022

Masterclass in palliative and end of life care for people affected by homelessness (Online teaching session)Friday 18th March1pm – 2.30pmBook here
Masterclass in running an effective palliative care practice meeting (GSF) (Online teaching session)Tuesday 29th March3pm – 4.30pmBook here

Summary of curriculum topics

SAGE & THYME (3 hour virtual workshop): The SAGE & THYME® foundation level workshop teaches clinical and non-clinical staff at all levels, evidence-based communication skills to provide person-centred support to someone with emotional concerns using the SAGE & THYME model.  It’s suitable for talking to anyone: patients and carers, students, colleagues and children – inside and outside of health and social care.

The SAGE & THYME model and workshop was developed by members of staff at University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and a patient in 2006, to teach the core skills of dealing with people in distress.

It was originally developed to meet the level 1 skills requirement described in the 2004 NICE guidance on ‘Improving Supportive and Palliative Care for Adults with Cancer’, although the principles are generic and can be used with anyone in distress.   

Identifying and Managing a Dying Patient (3 hour virtual session): This session is developed and led by a palliative care specialist and aims to teach and equip you with the skills you need to identify and confidently manage a dying patient. It will be a mixed method of teaching and workshop activities and key learning will cover:

  • The importance of early identification
  • Introduction of the use of indicator tools such as the SPICT tool
  • Common indicators seen in patients as they approach the end of life
  • Common symptom management at the end of life
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of the dying patient
  • The role of carers/family at the end of Life
  • Case studies
  • Communication within the MDT & when to seek support
  • Resources available to support every day practice https://www.westmidspallcare.co.uk/wmpcp/guide/
  • Further professional development specifically learning paths in https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/end-of-life-care

Advance Care Planning (3 hour virtual session): Advance Care Planning is a vital component of good holistic end of life and palliative care. This session aims to equip you with skills you need to lead what can be at times a complex conversation and to allow your patients to express their wishes in a meaningful and informed way.  Key learning from this session will cover:

  • How to initiate the conversation (with and without COVID restrictions)
  • Communication frameworks
  • Documentation including Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA’s) / Advance Decisions to refuse treatments (ADRT’s) & DNACPR
  • Treatment escalation and patient preferences workshop
  • Guidance and research supporting the process of Advance Care Planning
  • Case studies.

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