Could you become a proud representative of our Hospice in the Birmingham business community, whilst also building your own network and profile?

Our team of Business Ambassadors represent our Hospice at events and awards, invite us along to networking opportunities and provide introductions to key contacts.

If you would be interested in supporting our Hospice through the Business Ambassador scheme, get in touch with us to find out more:


T: 0121 752 8777

  • Simon Greenfield - Colour Cubed Creative Communications

    Simon, Director at Colour Cubed Creative Communications, provides more than supply, design and print to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

    “Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice is the perfect charity for Colour Cubed Creative Communications. The charity has a high profile in the local area and supports us to raise our SEO profile and create brand impact through exciting new content arising from our charitable activities. The Hospice is universally liked and admired by the people we do business with; it creates common ground and a great talking point with our customers.

    The most important thing is, of course, that it helps to raise money for the Hospice, but it is an added bonus that it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding at the same time!”

    As our first Business Ambassador, Simon has a real understanding of the Hospice and advocates for the Hospice across his network. He is also a great Quiz Master, and generously gives his time to hosting quizzes in support of the Hospice.

     Colour Cubed

  • Neil Lloyd- FBC Manby-Bowdler

    Neil, Managing Director at FBC Manby-Bowdler has been a proud supporter of Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice for a number of years and is always at the ready to provide expert and advice and support to all areas of the Hospice.

    “I’ve been in and around Birmingham and Sandwell for the past 15 years. Over that time, in one way or another, myself and the teams I have led have supported Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice through various fundraising events. The team at St. Mary’s provide an amazingly high standard of care to everyone that needs their help and I hope that as a Business Ambassador I can continue to help them raise funds towards the £8m they need each year to continue serving the local community.”

    Thanks to Neil, FBC Manby-Bowdler are supporting the Hospice continually over the next 12 months through our free will writing service. To find out more about this initiative look here.

    FBC Manby Bowdler

  • Fidelis Navas- Gamma Talent

    Fidelis, Founder and Managing Director at Gamma Talent Recruitment not only brings a fresh energy to our Business Ambassador team but also provides guidance and excellent first-hand expertise around the third sector to the Hospice

    Not only can we rely on Fidelis for professional advice, we can also guarantee that she always has a collection of fundraising ideas and initiatives in her back pocket!

    “Having worked and volunteered in the third sector in Birmingham for more years than I am prepared to admit, I’ve always considered Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice as an integral service for adult healthcare.

    But recently, I have had professional and personal experience of the Hospice and have been incredibly enthused and impressed with what they do. Words such as ‘compassionate’, ‘experts’ and ‘innovative’ are frequently used to describe what the Hospice does for thousands of individuals and their families.

  • Jamil Shabir- Bootcamp Media

    Jamil, CEO of Bootcamp Media, is one of our newest additions to our Business Ambassador team, coming on board in 2019. After being personally connected to the Hospice, Jamil wanted to come on board and provide us with his expertise surrounding marketing and social media to help boost the profile of the Hospice in the local Birmingham community.

    We always know we can call on Jamil whenever we need him and for that we are incredibly grateful.

    “At Bootcamp Media, we love working closely with local charities, and Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice has always held a special place in our hearts. We’re big believers of combining business activity with charity fundraising, and particularly enjoyed hosting the Phoenix Business Lunch last year.

    The work carried out by the team at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice is absolutely fantastic and we’re proud to be ambassadors for them. They need significant support each year to continue providing such a high level of care, and we’re looking forward to further fundraising events that support this wonderful charity.”

    Bootcamp Media

  • Amy Keogh- Irwin Mitchell

    Amy, Restructuring and Insolvency Senior Associate at Irwin Mitchell, is an incredibly dedicated member of our Business Ambassador team and really understands the importance and value of all of the aspects of care the Hospice provides.

    We feel incredibly privileged to have Amy on board, flying the flag for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice and helping us with vital introductions in the local Birmingham business community.

    “St Mary’s offers a fantastic service, caring for people both at the Hospice and in their own homes. It truly is where you go to live precious remaining days, to be supported and to be cared for with love, compassion and respect. I nominated St. Mary’s as my firm’s office charity in 2018 and we had a fantastic year raising £57,747 for St. Mary’s. I shall continue my support for St. Mary’s highlighting the fantastic work they do, helping with further fundraising and encouraging others to support them.

    For those that find themselves in a position where they are adapting to living with life-limiting illnesses, St. Mary’s offers an invaluable service which as a community I hope we can support, encourage and develop over the next 40 years.

    I am very proud to support the incredible work volunteers, staff, friends and families do for and with St. Mary’s.”

    Irwin Mitchell