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Sign up to the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Price: £ 35.00
Date of birth(Required)
Please enter your date of birth to confirm whether you are over 18 years of age or older. The minimum age to take part is 14. Anyone under the age of 18, needs additional parental consent and a parent/legal guardian must attend on the day. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to enter your parent/guardian’s details when you are booking onto the event.
Will you be 18 years of age or older on the day of the trek?(Required)
If we were to potentially look into putting on a coach transfer to/from the Peak District, would you be interested?(required)
We may look into arranging a transfer option, but this is not guaranteed. This depends on interest and a transfer option at an additional cost. The final price may vary dependent on the amount of people opting in for the transfer.
Can we contact you about Marketing and PR (e.g., to feature in a case study)?
By signing up to this campaign, you are consenting to receiving ALL information about this campaign. We would ALSO like to keep in touch with you about our vital work and update you on our news and fundraising activities. Please tell us if you would be happy for us to contact you:
We may also contact you by telephone and/or post. If you wish not to be contacted by post or telephone, please tick here:
Terms and Conditions:(Required)
Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge: By signing up to this event I agree to the following T&C’s: In return for a place in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge 2023, I agree to raise £350 in sponsorship for Birmingham Hospice. I agree to have raised a minimum of £250 one week prior to the event date to be able to take part in the challenge, and have until no later than 6 weeks after the event date to raise the remaining amount to bring my total up to the minimum of £350. I understand that transfers/accommodation are not included in the sign up fee for the trek. I accept the responsibility to ensure all fundraising monies/donations received in connection with this event are paid to Birmingham Hospice no later than 6 weeks after the event date. I know that it is my responsibility to communicate if I will be fundraising for Birmingham Hospice alongside another charity. I will communicate this across all my fundraising and will ensure the funds designated to Birmingham Hospice once the total is split, reaches Birmingham Hospice no later than 6 weeks after the event date. Under no circumstances will I give any of the money to any other organisation or individual. I accept that by signing up to this event I am consenting to receiving ALL information about this event, including a fundraising pack, sponsorship forms and additional forms required to be completed by Sky Blue Adventures. I accept the responsibility of informing Birmingham Hospice should I wish not to receive event specific communications. I accept that this event is organised through a third-party provider (Sky Blue Adventures) and that I may need to confirm further terms and conditions from them/provide further information to be able to participate with this event. I accept full responsibility for myself whilst participating in this event and understand that Birmingham Hospice cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to personal property, injury or death. I confirm that I am sufficiently fit and healthy to take part in this event. Should this change, I will seek medical advice prior to the event. I confirm that I will be the age of 18 years of age or over on the day of the event to take part individually and that I am accompanied by a parent/guardian if I am under 18 years. I understand that to take part in the event I must be 12 or over years of age. I take full responsibility for any costs attributed to my participation in this event and will not deduct any expenditure from funds raised. I accept that should I no longer be able to take part in this event, I will be unable to claim a refund for my registration fee. Any sponsorship collected will be refunded to the donor or gifted to Birmingham Hospice. I accept that if I can no longer take part in 2023, or the event is cancelled, there is no guarantee that my place will be rolled over to 2024, but the charity will endeavor to do so.