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White Roses in the Secret Garden

To celebrate and remember the special people you love and miss, make a devotion to your loved one with a beautiful white rose or walk in their memory at the Secret Garden Memory Walk.

Secret Garden Memory Walk

Walk in memory of your loved ones and support Birmingham Hospice at the Secret Garden Walk on Saturday 8 July 2023.

Starting and finishing at the beautiful Botanical Gardens, this magical walk is a special way to get together and make memories with your family and friends, to celebrate and remember your loved ones.

Donate to receive a white rose devoted to someone special

British Ironworks have specially designed 750 stunning metal roses for us.

The roses will form a stunning display at the Botanical Gardens, running from Wednesday 5 July until Sunday 9 July, and will be yours to treasure once the display comes to an end.

Donate to receive a white rose and you will help hospice patients and their families receive the care and support they need.

The entire staff were just incredible, from the clinical teams to the domestic and catering staff. Mom managed to spend precious moments with her husband, children and grandchildren, something she may not have been able to do without the care and support they offered.
Jane's daughter