At Birmingham St. Mary’s we provide end of life care to you and the people who matter most to you.

We can provide personalised support across Birmingham and Sandwell – whether that’s in your home, in your community or at the hospice.

Our expert team of nurses, doctors, counsellors and more can help you focus on living. We can be alongside you every step of the way – listening, offering advice, planning and easing pain – to help you do the things you love with the people you love.

Our services are:

Care in your home

Home is where the heart is and if that’s where you choose to be, we will do all we can to provide care for you in your home.

Care in your community

We have a number of satellite clinics, where you can meet your clinical nurse specialist to share how you are, and together we can ensure you’re receiving the right support.

Care at the hospice

The average stay on our inpatient unit is two weeks where you may be admitted for a short period of assessment, symptom management or for respite. Many patients return home whilst some spend their last days being cared for here at the Hospice. Visitors are allowed at any hour of the day, 7 days week.

We also have a Day Hospice area where you can take part in a 12-week therapeutic programme to help with breathing, receive physiotherapy and spend time with others.

Family care and support

Our care and support goes beyond health aspects and extends all the way to your family. From dealing with financial worries or housing issues to writing a will and planning a funeral, we are here to help with a variety of things for you and your family.

Bereavement support

We all worry about the people we leave behind, this is why our support for your family will continue for as long as they need us.

We hope you find all of the information you need on our website, but if not please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call by visiting our contact us page or by filling out your details using this form.

To find out more about the wide range of support and care we provide, please visit the overview of our services.