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Room to Care Appeal

We urgently need your help. Please help create a clinically safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for our colleagues, our patients and their families.

You can provide privacy, dignity and comfort for our patients.

At our Erdington site, we have a number of multiple occupancy rooms with shared bathroom facilities, where the standard layout and decor is old-fashioned, jaded and in need of modernising.

We have received direct feedback from patients and their carers requesting not to be cared for in those rooms, as they are not to the standard needed by people living with a terminal diagnosis.

We must be able to provide people with the privacy, dignity, comfort and relaxation they deserve.

Create a clinically safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for our colleagues, our patients and their families.

Single occupancy rooms offer patients autonomy in their surroundings, making those last few weeks or days more personal, and enabling them to spend time creating memories with loved ones, surrounded by the people and things most important to them.

COVID-19 also highlighted the need for individual washing and toilet facilities within single occupancy rooms due to the high risk of cross infection.

Without you, Birmingham Hospice would not be able to care for local people in need of our services.

We need to raise £200,000 to achieve our goal. Today, we are asking you to give what you can to support patients and their families at the most difficult time.

Without your ongoing support, people at the end of life would not be able to get the care they need. We are eternally grateful for your help.

Thank you for all of your support, now and in the future.

Angela Riches, a patient staying in our Inpatient Unit

Your support will help families like Shantal's

In August last year, Shantal’s dad, Peter, was admitted to one of our Inpatient Units, to be cared for by our specialist teams.

Peter was able to be cared for in a single occupancy room and it truly made all the difference to his care and the final moments he shared with his family. With being able to use the ensuite and sleep in the bed next to him, June, Peter’s wife, was able to stay at the hospice the entire time.

During the day, Peter’s bed was often pushed outside so he could enjoy the beautiful gardens that surround the hospice.

Many of our patients are conscious of their appearance and their illness; having to use the shared bathrooms as well as the bedrooms does not give them the privacy they’ve had their entire lives. It can be quite demoralising. As staff, we witness such precious and personal moments, and it’s only right that it’s as private as it would be in their own home, and they’re given the opportunity to be a family. In a shared room, you simply don’t get that.
One of our Healthcare Assistants

How your donation could make a difference to our appeal


Could pay for a comfortable toilet seat.


Could pay for a vital hand rail.


Could pay for an essential patient sink.