At Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, our patients, and their families and loved ones come first. Our mission and our values are at the heart of everything we do, supporting our vision of creating a future where everyone with a life-limiting illness can have the best experience of living.

Our Values

  • Delivering high quality care
  • Improving access to care for all
  • Sharing our ever-growing expertise
  • Working collaboratively
  • Changing attitudes to hospice care

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Hospice care for everyone.

We want to take care beyond the hospice itself, reaching out to every part of the community. We support people in their homes and neighbourhoods, and are committed to breaking down barriers so that religion, ethnicity, age, or wealth are not obstacles to accessing the best care.

To ensure the best Hospice care is available for all individuals, families and carers across our community, wherever and whenever they need it.

By building partnerships and growing our research and education programme we will share our expertise and knowledge to help others and work with them to deliver the best of end of life care.

Our Priorities

  1. Providing a better experience at the end of life
  2. Expanding our specialist centre of research & learning
  3. Locating our facilities so we can reach more people
  4. Being an employer & volunteering centre of choice
  5. Achieving growth, influence & financial stability

Our Hospice Strategy 2016 – 2020

To read our mission and ambition: Hospice Care for All, download our full four-year strategy.