Hospice Care Week is a national campaign led by Hospice UK and aims to raise the profile of hospices across the country. This year’s theme is ‘We Are Hospice Care’, which aims to honour the diverse range of people involved in providing and supporting palliative care.

Tina Swani, chief executive at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, said: “Our gallery is a celebration of all the brilliant, different faces that make up our Hospice. Birmingham St Mary’s is an amazing place full of people who care about people and together we are committed to providing the best hospice care to families, carers and their loved ones – wherever and whenever they need it.

“Hospice Care Week is a great way to raise the profile of end of life care and we hope our gallery gives people a greater understanding of the vital work we do.”

Birmingham St Mary’s provides expert care and support to individuals and families living with terminal illness. It offers a range of services in a number of settings – whether that’s at the Hospice, in people’s homes or in the local community – helping to make end of life care more accessible for all.

Tracey Bleakley, chief executive at Hospice UK, added: “Hospice care is so diverse and involves many people with different skills and talents from all walks of life coming together to deliver incredible care. They are all united by their passionate commitment to the special ethos of hospice care and ensuring that everyone they support is treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

“Hospice Care Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the rich and varied contribution of everyone who contributes to hospices across the UK and we hope the public will join in the celebrations and help share more widely the many personal stories that make up hospice care.”

At any one time in Birmingham and Sandwell, 350 people are receiving care from Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. To find out more about the Hospice and its Hospice Care Week activities, take a look here.