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From volunteer to manager: Sue tells her story

27 November 2023
We couldn’t run our shops without our brilliant volunteers – and volunteering can be a great way to build experience and confidence for those just starting out in their careers, or looking to re-enter the workplace after some time away.

Many volunteers have gone on to secure jobs as a result of working with us – some have even moved into paid roles at the hospice, such as Store Managers. Sue Sloane started out as a volunteer at our Erdington outlet, before stepping up to an Assistant Manager position. She is now Manager of our Wylde Green shop.

Sue says: “I wasn’t thinking about doing this as a long-term career at first, but being able to get out of the house and be with people on a daily basis was good for my mental health, and as I progressed, I realised I loved this job which is why I’m still here.”

“Anyone starting with us gets an introduction to all areas of the shop. It’s a fabulous atmosphere and it’s great being able to work with such a range of people from 16-year-olds to our volunteer Mabel who’s 83.”

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