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Dave’s True Blues

26 June 2014

During the build up to Moonlight Memories we have been asking ‘who you are walking for?’ Here Sally Brown tells us about her brother David, and how on July 12th this year a team of 26 people will be walking in his memory.

David was born in Birmingham with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida causes mobility problems such as paralysis and muscle weakness, amongst other health issues.

Last year David’s condition worsened and he was diagnosed with terminal Type 2 Respiratory Failure. He began attending the Day Hospice facility at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice; here he received help with medication, as well as having the opportunity to meet other people with life limiting illnesses.

Whilst at the Day Hospice David also developed a love of painting and got the opportunity to carry out some of his final wishes, including meeting players from his beloved Birmingham City Football Club.

Sally said “Dave adored the Hospice and made some wonderful friends. It was only after  his death that we found out he had even received counselling whilst attending the Day Hospice, it’s comforting to know that he had the opportunity to talk about his fears without worrying about upsetting any of us’

In April this year David began to struggle with pain management, and it was decided that he should be admitted to the inpatient unit for a few days to get his pain under control, but sadly David’s condition deteriorated suddenly and he passed away peacefully on Thursday 1st May.

Sally continued “I know it’s a funny thing to say, but Dave had a wonderful death. The staff at the Hospice were amazing, they treated Dave with so much dignity, and they really respected our privacy.  They couldn’t have done any more if they’d tried. I will be forever grateful for all of their help and support at one of the saddest times of my life.”

Whilst at the Hospice Sally noticed a leaflet for the Moonlight Memories 2014 walk.

“Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice will always hold a special place in my heart and I wanted to give something back. The Hospice have been amazing,  even now Dave has passed away they are there for us as a family with constant support and helping us cope with our grief, even my children, Connor 13, who is also doing the walk, Paris 11 and Cameron 8 are receiving support to cope with the loss of their uncle.

After sharing her plans to do the walk with family friends, Sally received an overwhelming response.

“People were so keen to remember Dave by taking part in the walk; we are up to 26 team members now”

Dave’s True Blues is the largest team to ever take part in the Moonlight Memories walk.

“We are concentrating on fundraising now, asking for donations through sponsorship forms and online via our Just Giving page. We are really excited about taking part and keeping Dave’s memory alive and raising funds so that more people can receive the same support we did”

You can register to take part in Moonlight Memories 2014 by clicking here.