We’re very lucky to have a group of passionate individuals who have experienced the care of the Hospice and are inspired to represent Birmingham St Mary’s at events, sharing their story and raising awareness of hospice care.

If you’re looking to hold an event or would just like to know more about the Hospice and its work, then our team of Hospice ambassadors is a great place to start. They’re well versed in giving talks about our work, attending all sorts of events from quizzes to coffee mornings, and are able to describe why your fundraising means so much to the Hospice and the people we care for.

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Hear some of our amazing ambassadors tell you why they became a representative of the Hospice…    

“I wanted to be an ambassador for the hospice to provide presentation and talks at events to raise awareness of the hospice. I have seen first-hand the care my friend had from the nurse’s which I have a lot of admiration for and what she benefitted from being there. As an ambassador I am able to give something back and help others who are or have been through the same as me and help continuing to improve the treatment and care the patients and families receive.”

“My mother died in the hospice, so when I was nearing retirement, I wanted to offer my skills and experience along with being able to return something to the hospice for their care and support to my mother many years ago. I have learned a lot about the work of Birmingham St Mary’s since becoming an ambassador and it is great to be able to use this knowledge to reach out to a wider community, increasing awareness of the amazing all round care the hospice provides.”

“Since working with the hospice, I have become a much more positive person. Birmingham St Mary’s has a really positive atmosphere amongst the people within the hospice, so being an ambassador for Birmingham St Mary’s is a really amazing opportunity. It is great to meet members of the community whom have been affected by the hospice and seeing that despite the sad times, which they went through, they speak about the hospice in such a positive light.”

“My brother passed away at the hospice and received excellent care. From this moment I wanted to give something back to the hospice, knowing that even in a small way I was enabling the services to continue. I feel honoured to be able to represent Birmingham St Mary’s as an ambassador, raising awareness of the services that they provide. Birmingham St Mary’s is so much more than just a place for end of life!”