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Memory Trees

It is a privilege to be able to help people celebrate, reflect on and share the memories of their loved ones.

At the hospice, we do that in a very special way – The Memory Trees. These beautiful trees of tributes have 600 leaves of gold, silver and bronze, and each leaf can be inscribed with the name of a loved one, to be kept on the Memory Tree for as long as you wish. Beneath the Tree are six Foundation Stones, where names and messages can be inscribed together.

The Memory Trees take pride of place in the hospice receptions, but inscriptions can be made for all loved ones, whether they had a connection to the hospice or not. By celebrating a loved one in this special way, you will also be helping our hospice to support and care for people and families living with life-limiting illness.

There are two donation options:

Complete this form and choose either a bronze, silver or gold leaf on our memory tree:

Make a single donation

You can split the donation over 12 monthly payments by selecting an option below and filling the form.

Bronze leaf (£5 monthly)

Silver leaf (£10 monthly)

Gold leaf (£25 monthly)

Each leaf can be inscribed and placed on one of our Memory Trees for a yearly donation. The leaf will be placed on the Tree for 12 months, and we will write to you at the end of this period to ask if you would like to make further yearly donations to keep your leaf displayed. If at any point you no longer wish to continue, you can choose to take your leaf home to keep.

Foundation stones can also be inscribed and will be displayed below the tree for two years. As with the leaves, we will keep in touch and ask if you would like to keep the stone beneath the tree or take it home instead.

If you would like any further information please email our fundraising team or call us on 0121 752 8779.

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