If your patient is approaching the end of life at home, you may wish to prescribe anticipatory medication to be available in the patient’s home.

You will also need to prescribe the medications on a ‘prescription chart’ to allow for administration at home. Syringe drivers can also be prescribed on these cards.

Treatment algorithms for medication use in the dying phase can be found here:

Other useful information

The West Midlands Palliative Care guidelines include regular input from doctors at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice which you may find useful.

Please note that these guidelines are a summary of the current practice of specialists across the West Midlands region, and there may be slight local variations in emphasis and practice. If you need further advice or to refer your patient to us, please do not hesitate to contact the Hospice on 0121 472 1191.


To find out about referrals, please click through to our referral page or you can contact our Triage Nurse, Rachel Shuttleworth, on 07726 580153.

You can also view the WMPCP guidelines by visiting the WMCARES website.

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