Raising sponsorship is so easy and with our tips, you’ll rack up an incredible total in no time, having a real impact on local families when they need support the most.

Now there are only really two steps when it comes to sponsorship…

  1. Set up an online giving page
  2. Share it with friends and family

But it’s how you do it, which makes the real difference…

Make it yours

Let your friends and family know why you’ve chosen to support us – I’m taking part in [EVENT] for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice because they’re an amazing charity supporting people towards the end of their life, when they’re living with a life-limiting illness and when they need a helping hand the most.

Spread the word

From Facebook and WhatsApp, to having a chat, there are lots of ways to let people know that you’re supporting our Hospice, and all it takes is a quick message and the word’s out there.

Pick a story

Some people won’t know anything about hospice care and how it makes such a difference, so take a moment to read a story – www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/blog and share it with your friends and family, with a link to your sponsorship page.

If you have any questions, we’re here to support you all of the way, and without fundraisers like you, we wouldn’t be able to support people like Neville

Having the support of Lisa – my clinical nurse specialist – has made such a big difference.  She helps me focus on living.  Family is everything to me and so I want to make sure that we get to spend time together doing fun things. – Neville

Find your event Create my giving page

For the super supporters

Some of you are amazing Hospice supporters that come to our events every year and we can’t thank you enough for your fundraising, it really does mean the world to us.

And we know that it’s not easy asking your friends and family time and time again to sponsor you, so to mix it up a little, here are a few extra ideas…

Hold a coffee morning

Everyone loves cake (…really they do!) so invite friends and family round for a cake sale or hold one at work. All you have to do is ask people to bake cakes to help you raise sponsorship money for a good cause.

Donate your birthday

For one year, instead of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to your sponsorship total.

Clothes swap night

Invite your friends and family for a clothes swapping evening, everyone pays say ten pounds to come along and you all have a fab time swapping clothes, sharing funny stories and a few bubbles too.


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