Each of us lives with the knowledge that one day we are going to die. At Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, we believe that anyone with a life-limiting illness deserves to live well and make the very most of the time that remains.

That will mean different things to different people, from coming to terms with the realities that lie in store to working out what’s going to be most important to you in the time that’s left. The needs of you and your loved ones will be wide and varied.

But whatever the need, you won’t be alone – we’ll be there for you.

You’ll have a thousand questions, and we’ll help you find the answers. You’ll also want to spend time with your family and loved ones, to be safe in the knowledge that they’re going to be OK, and be with them to create memories that they will look at with fondness and hold dear to their hearts forever.

We understand that no two people are the same, and that everyone will want to make their own plans. Whatever you choose, we are here to take away the worry and to enable you to spend your time as you wish.

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