‘Space to Breathe’ is for people affected by breathlessness, regardless of their particular condition or diagnosis.

It consists of a 5-week course where you learn to have improved coping mechanisms and mastery of breathlessness.

Various factors can contribute to breathlessness and in our course, we look to tackle these based on a model by the Cambridge Breathlessness Intervention Service (Farquhar, 2011). The diagram below shows this model, which is talked through on the course.

The key components of ‘Space to Breathe’ focus on:

  • Techniques to help you manage your breathing
  • Addressing thoughts that may add to your anxiety and breathing, and ways to change your patterns of thinking that will help
  • Exercises and relaxation to help you with day-to-day life

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To see some of the aspects we cover in ‘Space to Breathe’, take a look at the leaflets below:

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