Patients with a life-limiting or terminal illness can now be seen in our Outpatient Clinic in the Hospice.

This weekly service is run by a Palliative Medical Consultant and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Patients wishing to attend the clinic will need to be well enough to attend as an outpatient and have their own transport (or way of getting to the clinic).

Patients can also be seen at one of our Satellite Clinics across the city (varied week-day schedule applies). This service is run by Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Where is my nearest satellite clinic?

Jiggins Lane Medical Centre
17 Jiggins Lane
Bartley Green
B32 3LE

Cape Hill Medical Centre
Raglan Road
B66 3NR

Bellevue Medical Centre
6 Bellevue
B5 7LX

Patients for both services can be referred directly if there are clinical queries about symptom control (either physical, social, spiritual or psychological).

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