So here is how you can turn your BBQ into a fundraiser and make a difference to your local Hospice…

  1. Register your BBQ with us here and get some cool Hospice materials to decorate your garden with!
  2. Ask guests to make a donation with one of our Hospice tins or buckets
  3. Get that tasty food on the go!
  4. Have fun, eat lots and email us a few snaps that we can add to our gallery to show how awesome you are :o)
  5. Sit back at the end of the day and know that you’ve made a real difference to us here at the Hospice, we couldn’t do it without you

Sounds easy, right? So what are you waiting for, click here and get started!

Bonus Fundraising Ideas!

  1. Battle of the Salads – Who can create the tastiest salad? £2 to enter and the winner receives a box of chocolates!
  2. Sports Day Activities – each participant pays a £1 to enter each game with little prizes for each event :o)
  3. Cocktail? Yes Please! - Who can create the most delicious cocktail (or mocktail)? £2 to enter and the winner gets a small prize!
  4. Guess How Many Sweets – Put some sweets in a jar and, whoever is closest to guessing the correct answer wins the sweets!
  5. The Most Delicious Dessert – Who can create the most scrumptious cake or pie to round off a wonderful BBQ (same rules as the competitions above).