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A gift of money:

Also known as a pecuniary gift this is a gift of a fixed amount e.g. ‘I wish to leave £1,000 to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.’ A recent pecuniary gift of £1,000 means 10 families are able to have a specially trained Heath Care Assistant allow carer respite.

A specific gift or item:

This would refer to a gift specified in your will such as an antique or a piece of jewellery.

A share of your estate:

Also known as a residual gift this refers to a share of your estate, e.g. ‘I wish to leave 50% of the remainder of my estate to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice’

A recent gift from an estate in a will, to the value of £160,000, means we are able to provide Hospice at Home end of life care to 80 people.

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