Join the excitement of the Rugby World Cup along with supporting individuals living with life-limiting illness, by taking part in the Rugby World Cup 2019 sweepstake! 

It's simple!

1. Sign up for your free fundraising pack

2. Cut out each country that is in the fundraising pack, fold them up and place them in an envelope

3. Get your friends, family and/or colleagues to make a donation and then ask them to pick out a country. Remember to write their name next to their country on the sheet provided in the fundraising pack. 

4. Sit back, relax and follow the action of the Rugby World Cup! 

The winner will receive half the sweepstake kitty with the remaining funds being donated to Birmingham St Mary's Hospice, where your support could help someone receive free expert end of life care, at the hospice, in the community and in people's homes.

In your fundraising pack you will also find a couple more friendly competitions you can get involved in, including guessing the winner of the Pools and guessing the score for the Rugby World Cup Final.

Sign up for your free fundraising pack here!

It's always more fun having a team to get behind, so make the tournament more exciting with our world cup sweepstake - it couldn’t be any simpler...

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