Here are previous studies that Birmingham St Mary's Hospice has been involved with...

TVT summary

An international, multicentre, open randomised parallel group trial comparing a two step approach for cancer pain relief with the standard three step approach of the WHO analgesic ladder in patients with cancer pain requiring step 2 analgesia

Hydration feasibility study

A multicentre trial assessing whether clinically assisted hydration during the last days of life reduces the frequency of hyperactive delirium (“terminal agitation”) in cancer patients as a result of maintenance of renal perfusion and the prevention of accumulation of toxins and drugs (i.e. prevention of dehydration)

Econ End of Life

A study assessing how important particular factors are to patients approaching the end of their life, and how easy it was for patients to rank these factors.

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice also supports professionals who are undertaking Masters or PHDs and acts as a site for data collection.