Join us on Thursday 28th February 2019 for…Jail or Bail!

Do you dare to lock up your boss?

We are asking you to nominate a Senior Manager to spend the day in Birmingham’s very own Victorian prison, The Lock Up at Steelhouse Lane, which housed the Peaky Blinders!!

  • Arriving for processing at 10am, once your manager has had their ‘mug shot’ and fingerprints taken, they’ll be placed in a holding cell. 
  • They will have until 3pm to call upon their friends, family and business contacts to fundraise for their freedom.

Nominate your boss today for just £25!

This registration fee will cover the cost of hosting the event but it’s the bail, which really makes the difference to our patients and their families...

Bail is set at £600

By locking up your boss, you could help someone like Neville receive care from a specialist nurse in the comfort of their own home…

"I can always rely on Lisa [Neville’s nurse] to get things sorted, such as speaking to my GP or ordering new medication. I never worry about whether something will or will not get done – with Lisa, I just know that it always will." - Neville (you can read his full story here)

Make a difference today to more people like Neville and register your boss and...

Register your boss!